Maldives celebrates 100,000th tourist in a single month since border reopening


Maldives marks yet another milestone by welcoming the 100,000th tourist arrival in a single month since border reopening last year.

Earlier in March 2020, Maldivian borders shut down following the Covid-19 global pandemic.

Following over a 3-month border closure, the international gateways started welcoming travelers back in 15 July 2020.

Moreover, local travel reports confirm the 100,000th traveler is of Egyptian nationality who made arrival on Monday, 29 March 2021.

Meanwhile, Ministry of Tourism reports Maldives celebrating new record of daily tourist arrivals for 2021, with over 5,275 arriving on 26 March.

So far tourist arrivals to Maldives in current year stand at a total of 283,383.