Thilafushi Industrial Zone Road Project Close to Completion

Greater Male’ Industrial Zone Ltd. has revealed that the Thilafushi Industrial Zone’s road project is at a ninety-nine percent completion.

Thilafushi is being redeveloped to cater to industrial businesses, with many projects lined up for the future. As such, asphalt roads are being developed in the island to provide easy transportation to the businesses.

The project is being carried out by Amin Construction.

Project Head of Amin Construction, Mohamed Waseem said that road connecting the newly reclaimed area to the existing land area in Thilafushi is almost complete, and that they are working on opening the road for use.

Waseem said that water, electricity and sewerage networks will be installed at the area in the near future. He added that a lot of businesses have moved to the industrial zone with the development of the road.

“The road is thirty meters, with solar led lights and drainage systems on both sides, and space for plants. The road will be fully complete in no time,” Waseem said.

Waseem said that the road will be opened for use this year.

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