Mayor-Elect promises support to govt., ensures housing solution

Dr. Muizzu flanked by top-brass of PPM during Saturday’s press conference

The recently victorious and current mayor-elect Dr. Mohamed Muizzu, on Saturday made declaration of his support to the current administration.

Moreover, Muizzu, who is also the deputy leader of PPM, attests to his aspirations of providing solutions to the housing crisis in Maldives capital.

Furthermore, Muizzu made focus on the Gulhifalhu project, which is pegged as the next mega-project towards solving housing issues.

Saturday’s Local Council and City Council elections result saw the former Minister of Housing emerging victorious against his MDP counterpart Anas Abdul Sattar.

Muizzu, who held seat at the previous administration’s cabinet as the Housing Minister, made headway with the promise of solving the housing crisis – which also stood as his biggest campaign pledge.

Male’ City, is stil one of the most densely populated islands across the South Asian region with mounting social and health detriments emerging out from lack of adequate housing among one of the several reasons.