MPL clear over 700 containers worth perishables during Ramadan’s 1st week

Male’ Commercial Harbor | Photo: MPL

According to the most recent statistics from Maldives Ports Limited, imports at the commercial harbor register 727 container movements.

Moreover, the authority reports out of the total 367 are 20-feeter containers and the remaining 360 are 40-feeter containers.

Interestingly, MPL reports the statistics is exclusive towards perishable cargo only.

Furthermore, ports made clearance of the following items;

  • 26,520 cartons of egg
  • 18,786 bags of onion
  • 5,207 gunnies of watermelon
  • 2,600 boxes of ginger
  • 2,125 cartons of pineapple
  • 1,926 boxes of tomato
  • 1,921 bunches of banana (mixed)

Items with highest figures of quantity correlate towards their hike in demand amid Islamic sacred month of Ramadan, in Maldives.

Statistics: MPL

Meanwhile, banana imports came through crates (137) as well as through jumbo bags (02) as well.

Additionally, cabbages observe a demand bump with import numbers improving as well.

Moreover, the cabbage imports stood at 1,757 bags as of 13 to 17 April 2021 – which coincides with first week of Ramadan.