Most in-demand local chili fares poorly this year

Locally famous ‘Kandoodhoo Chili’ variant

Recent reports across Maldives ‘local market’ informs the most popular and in-demand local chili variant is facing heavy plights in 2021.

Moreover, locally known as ‘Kandoodhoo Mirus’ (Kandoodhoo Chili) observe price bumps above the MVR1,000 range in previous years.

Furthermore, local reports confirm prices on a kilo of the chili variant saw hikes as high as MVR2,500 per kilo during Ramadan last year.

Meanwhile, the chili currently sells at MVR180 to MVR200 per kilo.

According to local reports, the noticeable price drop is due to a Sri Lankan competitor.

Reports claim Sri Lanka industrially grows the said chili variant.

Moreover, with this, Maldivian vendors face challenge of larger foreign competitors.

One such local vendor notes their “productivity is in ruins” because of extremely cheaper foreign alternatives.

Meanwhile, the chance is not unwelcome entirely since many locals seemingly support the price drop.