Enzi unveils brand canned fish products

Emerging competitor to MIFCO, in canned fish products, Ensis Company’s Enzi unveils several new variations.

Speaking of their newest variation, Enzi attests the new flavors come from analyses of demand trends in local consumer market.

Moreover, Enzi confirms their new variations are ‘friendly’ to all age groups.

Furthermore, the company notes prices of the new flavors will remain similar to their existing flavors.

Meanwhile, Enzi is currently showcasing their newest variations at their outlets with the chance for ‘try-outs.’

The brand’s new flavors include;

  • Lightly Smoked Tuna in Sunflower Oil
  • Tuna in Chilli Sauce
  • Ventresca in Sunflower Oil
  • Tuna Steak in Sunflower Oil