NBS stats reveal over 177K expat workers in Maldives

The number of expat workers in Maldives has been increasing exponentially in recent years | Photo: Avas Online

The latest updates from National Bureau of Statistics reveal over 177,000 expatriate workers in Maldives.

Moreover, the statistical bureau’s update reveal a total of 177,585 expatriates residing in Maldives as of March end.

According to the bureau, from the total, 112,588 are Bangladeshi nationals taking up 63% of the expatriate worker force.

On the other hand, expatriate workers from India stood at 28,840 while foreign workers from Sri Lanka stood at 15,670.

Additionally, data reveals a total of 5,029 Nepalese and 3,506 Chinese expat workers currently residing in Maldives for various employment necessities.