Tourist arrivals observe annual increment in March 2021


Maldives observes an upward movement in tourist arrivals for March 2021

The tourist arrivals to Maldives, and bed-nights saw increment by March 2021, reports Maldives Monetary Authority.

Moreover, Maldives central bank in their economic update attests tourist arrivals observing a 41% increment.

On the other hand, bed-nights for tourists saw an increase by 84% during March as well.

According to MMA, the annual increase is subject to the peak season of the sector.

Furthermore, the increment is owing to the visible decline in arrivals in March 2020 due to Covid-19 pandemic and travel restrictions.

The largest tourist arrivals to Maldives in March originate from India, Russia and Germany.

Meanwhile, occupancy rate saw a bump to 55% in March 2021 in comparison with the 36% during March 2020.

However, tourist arrivals during the first quarter saw a drip of 22% and bed-nights of the industry saw a decline of 13%.

The average stay on the other hand, saw a jump to 8.9 days from 7.6 days in March 2020.