Blazon Inc. launches Maldives Media Hub


Premier media, marketing, and public relations firm in the Maldives, Blazon Inc. announces its official launch of Maldives Media Hub ( – an ad-exchange and media resources agency.

According to Blazon Inc. their newest product will allow “advertisers to drive more leads and publishers to generate more revenue through integrated solutions.”

Moreover, MediaHub allows service through a platform with “various press solutions for content management.”

This full-suite advertisement exchange and media resources agency provide its services through popular mediums such as TV, online or print, digital and social along with several other advertising approaches.

Furthermore, MediaHub boasts innovative solutions such as their ‘Sequence Ads’ which are available through a fully automated ad-portal ready to display ads instantly across digital mediums.

MediaHub also presents solutions for businesses and organizations alike in providing a more streamlined solution to press releases with its ‘Maldives PR Portal’ which allows users to generate press statements, announcements, and other such requests through a one-click portal.

Their ‘Freelancers Nerwork’ connects freelancers to potential employers, as the portal acts as a network for freelancers to commission work for content creation or studio services.

MediaHub is also providing a stock images and videos library to publishers and others through ‘Stock 360’, with an array of quality content at best rates, making it perhaps the first such stock image and video service exclusive in Maldives.