European tourist market to Maldives picks up


Tourism sector is largely considered as the strongest economic element of generating income receipts to Maldives state

Ministry of Tourism reveals European arrivals to Maldives saw an increase of 136.8% so far, in comparison the corresponding period in 2019.

Moreover, the ministry reports that the overall tourist arrival to Maldives saw modest growth although individual markets saw a decline.

The ministry further reports top arrivals from Europe, originating from central and eastern parts.

Furthermore, arrivals as of 5 May from the region stood at 185,000.

Central and Eastern Europe countries include Kazakstan, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria along with Poland and Slovakia.

Although Russia remains one of the major tourist markets to Maldives, Eastern Europe is a recent entry.

On the other hand, Eastern Europe’s market sees visible growth to the island nation.

According to Ministry of Tourism, Ukraine remains as the third strongest single market to Maldives.

Arrivals from Ukraine so far in 2021 reaches 22,265 in comparison with just 5,000 in the same period of 2019.