State revenue at MVR6.9bn while expenditure is MVR2bn ahead

Maldives state revenue inclusive of grants hit MVR6,858.9 million (MVR6.9 billion) as of 06 May 2021.

On the other hand, state expenditure as of review period reaches MVR9,171.1 million (MVR9.2 billion).

The overall balance for the period is a deficit of MVR2,312.2 million (MVR2.3 billion) as expenditure remains significantly higher than revenue.

Moreover, expense composition reveals 75% of total spent on recurrent expenses and remaining 25% on capital.

Meanwhile the earnings indicate 79% of the total made from tax sources and remaining 21% from non-tax sources.

Net issuance for the week from 01 to 06 May is a surplus of MVR300.0 million.

Furthermore, cumulative total of tax revenues reach MVR5,418.0 million as of 06 May 2021.

Additionally, cumulative total of non-tax revenues reach MVR1,371.0 million by review week.

Both revenue components show improvement in comparison with the same period of 2020.