Raysut Cement gets CE, NF credentials

An employee of Raysut working during cement manufacturing process

Raysut Cement Company receives two certifications for its quality norms validating adherence to EU standards in cement production.

Moreover, RCC, which recently made a wing in Maldives as Raysut Maldives, receives the CE and NF certifications.

RCC further comments that the certifications come at “a time when it is expanding exports to newer global markets.”

The company’s 50 percent output finds its export destinations in Africa, India, South Africa, Indian Ocean islands and Maldives.

“We consider CE and NF certifications as a testimony to our commitment to constantly improve product quality and processes in line with rigorous safety, quality and environmental regulations” says Group CEO, Joey Ghose.

The CE (Conformité Européenne) is mandatory for selling certain products in the European Economic Area since 1985.

On the other hand, the NF Mark from AFNOR certification entity is a French compliance norm ensuring product safety, quality, usage ability and performance.

Furthermore, the certifications will ensure quality product supplies to Maldives, reports RCC.