Authorities strengthen curfew measures in Greater Male’ Region


In a bid to curb the alarming surge in Covid-19 cases, authorities on Monday, 24 May 2021, announce further restrictive measuresin Greater Male’ Region.

According to Health Emergency Operation Center (HEOC), during a presser on Monday, President Office Spokesperson Mabrook Azeez confirms extending curfew hours in the capital city region.

Moreover, Mr. Azeez notes a travel restriction without valid passes between Male’, Hulhumale’, Vilimale, Thilafushi and Gulhifalhu.

The new restrictions will become effective from Wednesday, 26 May 2021, onwards for a two-week duration.

Meanwhile, authorities will exercise curfew measures from 16:00hrs until 08:00hrs of the following day, until such time the authorities decide a lift-off on the measures.

Furthermore, access outside for necessities is made possible only through residential permits acquired from Maldives Police Service. The permits, 02 per residence, will be issued from 08:00hrs until 12:00hrs and from 12:00hrs to 16:00hrs, depending of the necessity or requirement.

On the other hand, permits for employees and workers will be issued through Ministry of Economic Development for jobs that require mandatory physical presence.

The new restrictive measures will most indefinitely place further dents on local businesses as their business hours have become constrained. Furthermore, businesses in food and beverage segment faces heavy losses due to loss of regular customer visitations.