Over 22,850 individuals receive Income Support Allowance


Ministry of Finance reports disbursing Income Support Allowance to a total of 22,858 individuals so far.

Moreover, in the recently publicized statistics pertaining to the disbursement of the Income Support Allowance, the ministry reports disbursing a sum total of MVR419.4 million – collectively.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic’s denting economic effects, Maldives government initiated schemes to provide financial allowances to workers who faced corporate redundancies and job losses.

Those subject to the allowance receive an amount of MVR5,000.

Meanwhile, World Bank had pledged a financial stimulus of USD12.8 million to Maldives government to further the cause of providing income support to remedy local unemployment in light of the prevailing pandemic crisis.

Following World Bank’s stimulus backing, Maldives government became abled to provide income support to over 13,000 individuals.

In a recent survey by UNDP and Ministry of Economic Development, an approximate total of 45,000 employments in the tourism sector became affected due to the Covid-19 crisis.

On the other hand, Tourism Employment Association reports nearly 11,000 resort workers being sent off under ‘no pays’ amid the pandemic.