The case of ‘the cursed internet price’ cuts

The current government made its way to state administration with a pledge of reducing internet prices, as one of its top causes.

The country at large started taking sighs of anticipatory relief at the possible dawning of price cuts on internet packages that have not tilted towards ‘cheaper’ spectrum according to the public.

During the tenure of the previous Minister of Communication, Science and Technology there were several news and even rumors about various strides made towards discussions with local internet service providers.

The bottom line? Coming to a mutually agreed upon arrangement of reducing internet service prices.

But the efforts that started off freshly and vigorously at first, slowly waned off in its excitement and vigor with news headlines strongly suggesting the cause was stuck in limbo.

Before long, the idea of cheaper and affordable internet prices had become nothing more than a pipe dream. Adding insult to the injury was the stepping down of the former Minister of Communication, quite possibly, leaving the efforts hanging.

Recently the said state body found a new leader in Ms. Aminath Shauna, who had served as the Policy Director of President’s Office before being ‘knighted’ as Minister of Environment, Climate Change and Technology.

Immediately after it was announced that Ms. Shauna will be stepping into the shoes filled previously by Mohamed Maleeh Jamaal, the news that followed confirmed an amalgamation between two ministerial bodies.

Leaving the politics aside, the case of the cheaper internet prices had started to feel more like a witch’s curse that saw no relief, but a prolonged ailment.

The case of the cursed internet price cuts saw latest development recently, when it was reported the new and affordable prices will be announced on Monday, 24 May 2021.

Come Monday, the local news outlets indicated that the much awaited and irrevocably anticipated announcement of new internet prices have been pushed a day back to Tuesday, 25 May 2021.

Come Tuesday, Official Spokesperson of President’s Office, Mabrook Azeez on his Twitter handle claimed the said announcement has been scheduled for coming Thursday, 27 May 2021.

This notable postponement of the said announcement has now become the hot-topic of multiple internet memes, jokes and social media satire and the public is attempting to douse their rage with a bit of humor at the face of the delays.

At this point, my guess is as good as yours on when exactly we will get to hear about the much anticipated affordable internet prices.

One can only hope, that on this coming Thursday maybe, just maybe the curse may finally be lifted!

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