IFAWPCA to Hold 45th Annual Conference in the Maldives

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International Federation of Asian and Western Pacific Contractors Association (IFAWPCA) has announced they will hold their 45th annual conference in the Maldives.

The announcement was made by the President of IFAWPCA, Mathew Tee Kai Voon, during a ceremony held in his honor at Hotel Jen last night. The ceremony – organized by Maldives Association of Construction Industry (MACI) – was attended by several companies in the industry.

Speaking at the ceremony, Mathew stated that he believes that the conference will be a great success, adding that a large number of participants are expected to visit Maldives for the conference.

“I have seen that there are a lot of big projects happening in the Maldives right now. When it comes to big projects, the lack of skilled workers is a great challenge we face, even in Malaysia. At IFAWPCA, we are trying to find solutions for such shortages,” Mathew stated.

Speaking at the ceremony, Minister of Home Affairs, Azleen Ahmed stated that IFAWPCA’s conference in the Maldives will provide good opportunities for the Maldivian construction companies. He added that with the projects planned by the administration, the Maldivian construction industry will become greatly developed in the future.

“We need the construction industry in order to develop the tourism industry. If the construction industry does not develop, neither will the tourism industry, and the government’s projects won’t be successful either,” Minister Azleen stated.

IFAWPCA’s 44th Conference will be held in Malaysia in December this year, with the 45th Conference scheduled for 2020 in the Maldives. The association’s conferences are held once every twenty months. This year, former president of MACI, Mohamed Ali Janaah will be designated as the President of IFAWPCA at the 44th Conference, with owner of Amin Construction and current president of MACI designated as the Secretary General.

Speaking at the ceremony, Janaah stated that more than thousand personnel will attend the IFAWPCA Conference in Maldives in 2020, making it the biggest conference to be held in the nation.

Janaah added that they have begun work for the 45th Conference with a special committee from MACI. He stated that his top priority after becoming IFAWPCA’s President would be to find ease of funds for contractors.

“IFAWPCA is partners with IMF and World Bank. My top priority will be to work with them to find an easier way for contractors to find funding for projects,” Janaah stated.

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