MPL delays commencing container ferry services

The latest updates from Maldives Ports Limited (MPL) claim the company has postponed its plans of commencing container ferry services.

Earlier, the commercial harbor operator had affirmed service commencement on early-June. Moreover, the company had made acquisition of special landing craft in order to initiate the service.

Speaking directly to local media, MPL’s Managing Director Shahid Ali had confirmed the news stating they have delayed the initiative.

Furthermore, upon being questioned on when the service is expected to commence in future, the MPL front-man had commented he was unsure when the company will kick-off the container ferry services.

The container ferry services have been expected as an initiative on bridging the logistical gap between Maldives capital and the atolls.

Meanwhile, MPL front-man Mr. Ali further noted that the flux of inbound containers have reduced drastically in light of the prevailing Covid-19 conditions and currently tightened restrictions.

MPL’s Kulhudhuffushi and Addu branches had received significant containers inbound to them prior to Covid-19 pandemic outbreak in Maldives. However, the situation has since turned dire owing to the economic impact levied by the presence of the viral pandemic.

The company expects to commence container ferry operations to Kulhudhuffushi City, Addu City and Gaaf Dhaal Thinadhoo, once MPL is ready.