MPL refutes rumors over Maamigili Port operation halt

Port area of Maamigili

Maldives Ports Limited (MPL) on 23 June has officially refuted the rumors over the company’s apparent plan to cease operations at Maamigili Port.

Mr. Dhanish Nizam, spokesperson of MPL had clarified the company’s corporate stance asserting that Maamigili commercial harbor’s operator has not ceased their operations at the site.

He further confirmed the rumors related to MPL with regards to ceasing operations at the site were baseless, adding that the company has not made an official executive decision on it.

However, Mr. Nizam had attested the company’s decision to constrain the Maamigili Port’s operations.

Meanwhile, the MPL spokesperson had further noted that staffs wishing to transfer to Male’ Commercial Harbor in light of Maamigili Port’s operation overhaul.

Despite rumors of employment terminations or redundancy, the MPL spokesperson had commented otherwise.