MWSC commences water and sewerage system works at Feridhoo


Photo: MWSC

Male’ Water and Sewerage Company (MWSC) has officially commenced installation of the water and sewerage systems at Alif Alif atoll Feridhoo.

According to the contractor, while they have commenced official works of the project, they are currently constructing the designated building to install the water plantation.

Moreover, MWSC confirms all necessary items and equipment including pipes have already been delivered to the project site.

MWSC attests they will install water-pipes spanning 6.76 kilometers, across the island, in order to assemble the water network. Moreover, the contractor will be installing two RO plants along with three water storage units under the project.

Furthermore, MWSC is expected to connect water through their supply units and install water-meters in residences across Feridhoo.

Additionally, MWSC will install a sewerage network spanning 5.04 kilometers in length along with a 1.07 kilometers of pumping lines. Apart from this, the contractor will develop administrative buildings required to maintain and manage these systems. Moreover, MWSC will be installing three pumping stations along with the development of a sea-outfall unit.

Under the project, MWSC will also install generators required for the water pumping system while the contractor will station work-specific vehicles along with water-testing materials necessary for the administrative proceedings.

Awarded to MWSC by Minister of National Planning, Housing and Infrastructure, the project is valued at a total of MVR35.9 million.

MWSC is expected to complete the project under 22 months.