Fuvahmulah City road development project at 50% completion

The road development project has already observed 50% progress | Photo: MTCC

The construction of Fuvahmulah City’s internal roads have progressed well according to project’s contractor: MTCC.

On Sunday, 11 July, MTCC confirmed the project at the island city has observed an overall 50% completion while the contractor was installing settlement tanks and electrical junction boxes, which had observed 71% and 70% completion respectively.

Moreover, the project scope entails base preparation works of 122,659 square meters along with asphalt wearing on a course of 95,239 square meters.

Additional components of the project include development of road-footpath, which will span a total of 27,450 square meters along with installation of road markings and streetlights.

MTCC will further install the storm-water drainage system which will run a total length of 19,940 meters. Meanwhile, the contractor has reported the sum total of the project is MVR271.3 million.