Dhiraagu donates 60 tablets to Maldives health sector

Maldives telecommunication provider Dhiraagu, in association with Samsung has donated 60 Galaxy Tabs to Ministry of Health and Addu Equitorial Hospital.

The donation was officiated through a special ceremony held on Tuesday, 13 July, which was attended by Minister of Health Ahmed Naseem and CEO of Dhiraagu Ismail Rasheed along with the Managing Director of Samsung – Sri Lanka.

Moreover, the telecom provider notes their donation is aimed as assistance for the Covid-19 vaccination program.

The latest donation, specific towards Maldives health sector is among Dhiraagu’s more modest attempts to digitize the field.

“We hope our aid will help in better management of the pandemic efforts carried out by the state”, comments Dhiraagu CEO Ismail Rasheed.

Furthermore, the telecommunication and internet service provider had remained committed in providing assistance to Maldives government in several areas, especially in the efforts against the Covid-19 pandemic.