State spends MVR3.57bn on Covid-19 efforts so far


Director General of Public Health

Maldives state has spent a total of MVR3,574.5 million (MVR3.57 billion) on Covid-19 related efforts so far.

According to the most recent statistics from Ministry of Finance, the state’s total health and social spending as of 08 July stood at MVR1,815.9 million (MVR1.8 billion) – marking only a 0.6% increment from the week before.

During the period, only 39.9% of the total health and social spending had been committed-spending.

Meanwhile, the total disbursements to Economic Response Plan schemes stood at MVR1,758.6 million (MVR1.76 billion), which showed a slight decrease from the previous week.

During the period, the state had not made any additional disbursements to any of the ERP schemes.

Based on the statistics, the National Disaster Management Authority had spent MVR867.9 million so far towards Covid-19 related efforts; specifically in health and social areas.

On the other hand, Ministry of Health had spent MVR574.6 million so far.