Fly Dubai increases flight operations to Maldives

Flights of Fly Dubai at VIA tarmac | Photo: VIA

Fly Dubai has reportedly increased its flight operations to Maldives with a total of 21 weekly landings.

According to the airline, they have chosen to surge flight operations to the island nation in a bid to cater the rising numbers in international travelers to the Maldives.

Currently the Dubai based airline is operating a total of 12 flights to Maldives, on a weekly basis.

Earlier, the airline was forced to place a temporary pause on their Maldivian operations following the island nation’s government imposing a nationwide border closer on March 2020.

The state’s decision back then came in light of rampant spread of the Covid-19 virus across the Maldive islands.

However, following the border reopening on July 2020, the airline had commenced its operations back in October of the same year.

Fly Dubai has been a key travel option for Eastern-Europe and Middle-Eastern tourists to visit Maldives. Their operations function between Dubai International Airport and Velana International Airport.