President Solih inspects Hanimaadhoo harbor extension project


President Solih visited the site of the Hanimaadhoo harbor extension project | Photo: MTCC

Maldives President paid a visit on Sunday, 18 July, to the site of Hanimaadhoo harbor extension project.

The Maldives head of state was briefed on the progress of the development project by the CEO of Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC) Adam Azim – the company acting as the project’s assigned contractor.

According to MTCC, the project scope includes dredging a total of 19,870 cubic meters from the harbor basin.

Moreover, other components of the project include the development of a 355-meter breakwater, a 50-meter revetment and a 270-meter quay wall along with the construction of a pavement spanning 4,582 square meters.

Meanwhile, the contractor had reported that the project has observed an overall 30% progress already.