MMPRC commences destination promotion in S. Korea

Promotional billboards at South Korea depicting Maldives tourism

The premier Maldives promotion act, MMPRC confirms on commencing their newest destination promotion campaign.

According to Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC) the newest campaign will see the island nation’s tourism promotion taken towards the Far-East – specifically, South Korea.

MMPRC led destination promotion campaign at South Korea will run in collaboration with one of the largest tour agencies in the country – Palm Tours.

With a heavy focus on honeymoon tourism; products and services in Maldives, the promotion will be focused towards potential honeymooner markets in South Korea. The online promotion will see Palm Tours’ website decorated with MMPRC’s marketing material on the largest available banners.

In addition to this, MMPRC will be exhibiting at a specifically curated honeymoon event scheduled from Wednesday, 21 July until Thursday, 22 July.

During the honeymoon event, the tourism marketing corporation will providing advertorial and awareness contents highlighting on the unique selling points of Maldivian tourism – especially honeymoon retreats.

Meanwhile, the tourism promotion campaign at South Korea has come amid dwindling vacationer figures to Maldives from the country.

Earlier, in 2019 the East Asian country notes a total tourist arrival figure of 36,609 to Maldives, making it the 12th strongest singular market to the island nation.