Airlines, tourist markets to Maldives observe increase in 2021

Maldives Airports Company Limited (MACL) reports gradual increment in tourist markets and operating airlines to Maldives in 2021.

According to the operator of Velana International Airport (VIA), the island nation observed an increment in total number of foreign destinations with regular flight landings in Maldives to 39 in 2021 from 35 in 2019 which is an 11% increase.

On the other hand, MACL had reported a declined in international and domestic arrivals for the first-half of 2021 by 45% and 63% respectively in comparison with the corresponding period of 2019.

Meanwhile, tourist markets to Maldives grew steadily in 2021 as well with a total of 25 functional markets in comparison with only 19 tourist markets in 2019 – which is a 32% bump.

Similarly the number of airlines operating to Maldives increased slightly to 36 in the first-half of the current year in comparison with 34 operational airlines in 2019.