Greater Male’ Interconnection Grid comes to conclusion

STELCO affirms assessment and evaluation of the grid’s performance in the coming month | Photo: STELCO

State Electric Company Limited (STELCO) on Sunday, 25 July, reported on successfully completing the testing-phase of the Greater Male’ Interconnection Grid project.

The utility provider had affirmed on the completion and implementation of the electrical grid running through Maldives capital Male’ City, Hulhule’ and Hulhumale’.

Moreover, the state-owned corporation providing electricity to the Greater Male’ region had notified on closely assessing the power output and performance of the grid in the coming month.

Furthermore, STELCO had completed the final tests of the electricity grid on Sunday, 24 July without any technical hiccups.

Meanwhile, the utility provider is expected to shutdown other power generators operational in the region and concentrate exclusively on the interconnection grid.

The Greater Male’ Interconnection Project, regarded as the largest power project in the country, is the innovative answer of STELCO to the power cuts and outages in the region which houses the heaviest number of residents in the country.