MTCC front-man inspects ongoing projects of Ihavandhoo

MTCC CEO Adam Azim inspects ongoing projects at Ihavandhoo | Photo: MTCC

Chief Executive Officer of MTCC, Adam Azim had visited Haa Alif Ihavandhoo to inspect the company’s ongoing projects.

During the visit, the contractor company’s honcho had inspected the sites of the upper-north atoll island’s harbor development and ferry terminal development projects.

Moreover, the harbor development project involves dredging and excavation operations spanning 30,509 cubic-meters along with the construction of a quay wall, breakwater and a revetment measuring 95-meters, 284 meters and 178 meters respectively.

Other components of the project include installation street and navigation lights and the construction of a 4,582 square-meter paved area.

Meanwhile, MTCC is currently executing the development of the ferry terminal development in the island which is part of the “Integrated National Public Ferry Network” project’s first phase.

The three-phase project interconnecting the atolls via sea transport includes northern atolls of Haa Alif, Haa Dhaal and Shaviyani under the first phase.

Furthermore, MTCC comments the integrated ferry network will introduce a reliable and sustainable passenger ferry service across all administrative islands of Maldives.