Ukraine to restart charter flight operations in Maldives


Ukraine’s Azur Air at Velana International Airport

Ukraine’s international airline is expected to restart their flight operations to Maldives once again.

Based on latest travel and tourism reports, Ukraine’s flagship carrier will restart their flights to the island nation through the initiation of Resort Life Holidays; which is a major tourism outlet for Russia and Ukraine.

Moreover, the decision to restart charter flight operations in Maldives came through during the “Maldives Day” event at Ukraine hosted by Resort Life Holidays; to celebrate the island nation’s independence day commemorated on 26 July of every year.

Ukraine is expected with the charter flight operations via their flagship carrier to Maldives coinciding with the tourism peak season, and will reportedly operate between Kiev and Velana International Airport, Hulhule’.

Furthermore, Ukraine International Airlines may alter their charter flight schedules to frequent their landings in Maldives depending on demand.

Meanwhile, the European country was ranked third during the tourism peak season of 2020, in terms of single tourist markets to Maldives.