MTCC Gears up for Thilafushi Land Reclamation

Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC) has stated that they are gearing up for land reclamation in the industrial island, Thilafushi.

Chief Executive Officer of MTCC, Ibrahim Ziyath stated that the company will begin the 15 hectares reclamation project at Thilafushi once the ongoing reclamation project at Kaafu Atoll Kagi is complete.

Kaafu Kagi was announced for sale for resort development.

Ziyath stated that Thilafushi reclamation project will take about 35 to 40 days to reclaim the 15 hectares of land.

“The EIA report for Thilafushi is still underway. The report is expected to be complete in the next ten days,” Ziyath stated, speaking about the Thilafushi reclamation project.

He added that the exact date for project commencement at Thilafushi will be determined once the project at Kagi comes to a close.

The reclaimed land in Thilafushi will be used to manage waste from the greater Male’ area. MTCC was contracted with the project last February.

Environment Minister Thoriq Ibrahim had previously stated that once Thilafushi land reclamation is complete, they will bring state-of-the-art machinery for waste management.

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