Male’ City Council plan towards street-food outlets

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Operating hours of cafes and restaurants extended once more | Photo: Ahmed Ishan

Male’ City Council has revealed the authority’s plans of developing food establishments in street-food concept.

Moreover, the news was revealed by the city’s mayor Dr. Mohamed Muizzu during a meeting between the council and residents of Henveiru district on Saturday evening.

Furthermore, detailing about the plan Dr. Muizzu specified the street-food outlet will be developed at the empty plot east of Dharubaaruge Convention Center.

While speaking about the prospect for an establishment under street-food concept, Dr. Muizzu claimed they had discovered potential and scope for it in Greater Male’ Region.

Meanwhile, Dr. Muizzu had also affirmed that such an establishment, should it be developed will meet through all the necessary safety standards and protocols set out by the authorities.

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