MTCC reveals progress of Dhihdhoo ferry terminal project

Photo: MTCC

Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC) on Sunday, 05 September, confirmed on the latest progress of the ferry terminal development project at Haa Alif atoll Dhihdhoo.

Moreover, the contractor confirmed that the foundation footings work of the terminal is ongoing with 70% completion.

The ferry terminal development at Dhihdhoo falls under phase-one of the “Integrated National Public Ferry Network Project.” The project aims to connect the local residential islands and atolls of the country via a high-speed ferry network.

Furthermore, the ferry network is expected to be implemented through a total of three phases, under which phase-one will cover zone-one which includes the atoll of Haa Alif, Haa Dhaal and Shaviyani.

In addition to this, MTCC also affirms that the national integrated ferry network will introduce “reliable, efficient, affordable, convenient and sustainable passenger ferry services to all administrative islands of the country.”