Dhiraagu’s newest offer; free upgrade from ADSL to Fiber-Broadband


Promotional poster from Dhiraagu offering free upgrade from ADSL to Fiber-Broadband | Photo: Dhiraagu

Dhiraagu announces its latest promotion, offering customers with ADSL connectivity with free upgrade to Fiber-Broadband.

Furthermore, the promotional offer will remain effective until the end of October 2021. In addition to free connectivity, Dhiraagu will be providing the special router or O.N.T for the Fiber-Broadband connectivity for free until the duration of the offer.

Meanwhile, customers who are currently using ADSL can sign up for the free upgrade on Dhiraagu official website at www.dhiraagu.com.mv/ocs.

Dhiraagu’s Fiber-Broadband internet connectivity is the largest such network in the island nation with over 80% residencies receiving the service; which available provided to a total of 64 local islands so far.