Maldives share market capitalization over MVR18bn

STO; one of the local companies listed in Maldives share market | Photo: One Online

The Maldives share market capitalization is currently over MVR18 billion as per recent survey by Capital Market Development Authority (CMDA).

Moreover, the strategic plan from 2021 to 2023 made by CMDA reveals that the investor capacity in Maldives share market increased to 42,000 through various Initial Public Offerings (IPO) by several corporations.

Furthermore, the strategic plan reveals local investors active in the share market in Maldives originate from at total of 19 different atolls.

Meanwhile, the Chief Executive of CMDA Mr. Hassan Manik stressed on the necessity for digitalization of the share market in the country.

The share market in Maldives came into inception back on 2006 officially while unofficial share market transactions can be dated back to 1980 when Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC) sold its general shares.

So far a total of 11 locally owned and operated companies are listed under the share market in the Maldives.