Funadhoo Increases Fuel Storage Capacity

Funadhoo Islands’ fuel storage capacity has doubled with the four new oil tanks by STELCO.

Funadhoo previously had a fuel storage capacity of 24,000 tons in ten tanks of varying sizes. The capacity has been doubled since the new tanks have been installed, according to a STELCO official.

“This is the biggest project we have conducted to increase fuel storage capacity in recent times. The project has been completed and we have started using the new tanks for fuel storage,” the official said.

The MVR 154 million project in Funadhoo has enabled the island to store 48,000 tons of diesel and 10,000 tons of petrol. The project also included renovation works on the harbor in the island.

STELCO has also brought a 25,000 ton tanker to carry fuel. Previously, the company used a 7000 ton tanker.

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