Maldives President declares 03 Oct as National Tourism Day


The president of Maldives, Mr. Ibrahim Mohamed Solih on Sunday evening has declared 03 October as the country’s National Tourism Day.

Moreover, the island nation’s head of the state made this declaration while delivering his remarks at the special event to launch the official one-year countdown to the 50th anniversary of Maldives tourism industry.

The National Tourism Day is purposefully designated on 03 October, coinciding with the opening of the island nation’s very first tourist resort; Kurumba Maldives, in 1972.

Meanwhile, the special countdown launch ceremony was hosted at Kurumba Maldives as well.

Earlier, the country did not have a designated day to commemorate its tourism industry while celebrations always coincided with the International Tourism Day.

Furthermore, during Sunday evening’s ceremony the president of Maldives had commended the efforts of tourism industry workers and others, stressing on their contributions and dedication in advancing the industry forward.