State spend MVR3.9bn on Covid-19 efforts so far


Minister of Finance Ibrahim Ameer

According to Ministry of Finance, the Maldives government has spent a total of MVR3,895.3 million (MVR3.9 billion) on Covid-19 efforts as of 30 September.

Moreover, the government body confirmed in their latest Weekly Covid-19 Spending Report that the total health and social spending has reached MVR2,121.9 million (MVR2.1 billion) by the review period.

However, the total health and social spending observed just a 0.6% increase from the previous week reflecting an almost sluggish increment.

Meanwhile, the total economic response spending which is the total disbursements made to Economic Response Plan schemes remain unchanged from the previous week at MVR1,773.4 million (MVR1.8 billion).

Furthermore, the overall spending of the state towards Covid-19 related efforts remain comparatively “unchanged” from the previous week.