Visit Maldives launches digital marketing campaign with Invibes


Visit Maldives launches an innovative digital marketing campaign in association with Invibes to promote the country’s tourism specifically in the French market.

The premier destination promoter’s campaign, commencing on October will run month-long targeting engaged travel audience of honeymooners, couples and even families.

Invibes is an internationally recognized technology firm with primarily focused in the advertising industry. The firm specializes in innovative digital advertising with the usage of creating and engaging in-feed ad formats that enhance stronger consumer interaction with the brands.

Moreover, the in-feed advertising techniques of Invibes will be utilized in a “variety of high definition pictures and a video campaign” that will promote the Maldives tourism industry.

As such, the campaign will focus on promoting the tourist resorts, guesthouses, liveaboards and hotels in the island nation.

Furthermore, the video campaign and the pictures are expected to achieve approximately 300,000 impressions and 1.5 million impressions respectively.

Meanwhile, as of 11 August of the current year, France remains one of the top source markets to the Maldives with an arrival total of 13,267 travelers so far.