Board pass minimum wage at MVR5,700


Members of Minimum Wage Board

The Maldives Minimum Wage Board has declared the the minimum wage that should be disbursed to employees.

Moreover, the board claimed that the minimum wage will be fixed at MVR5,700 which though is passed by the board has yet to be officially approved by the Ministry of Economic Development.

Furthermore, the minimum wage rate for civil servants will be eligible for a wage rate of MVR7,000 per 6 hours of work per day.

Employees in the private sector, specifically in small to medium enterprises are subjected to a salary not below MVR5,700. In addition to this, minimum wage is assigned to hourly-paid works while the overtime pay should be equal to that of the minimum wage.

Meanwhile, the minimum wage policy states that the minimum wage should be 70% of the basic salary and if the employers provide accommodation and food for employees, the expenses should not be included in the minimum wage.

To offset this, the employees can be given fixed allowances which can be fixed into the pay structure.

In addition to this, medium-scale enterprises are required to pay a minimum wage of MVR8,000 for 8 hours of work per day while larger enterprises are required to pay employees a minimum wage of MVR10,200 for the same work period per day.