BML promotes positive mental health in workplace

Bank of Maldives (BML) announced their commitment to promote positive mental health in the workplace.

Moreover, the announcement was made on Sunday, 10th October, commemorating the World Mental Health Day. The bank has partnered up with leading institutions to provide support programs and professional services for employees across the country.

For the initiative, the bank has partnered with Thibaa Psychology, Social for Health Education (SHE) and the Institute of Mental Well-Being (IMWB) to offer regular consultations and counselling programs for the staff.

Furthermore, the bank will cover the cost of the individual consultation sessions for employees while encouraging employees to seek services of professional in mental well-being field.

The mental health program will include regular awareness sessions on parenting, work in life balance and positive mental health in the workplace.

Meanwhile, speaking about the bank’s initiative, BML’s Deputy CEO Ms. Aishath Noordeen commented “we are proud to announce our partnership with leading service providers to ensure our employees can easily access quality mental health care and effective treatments.”

She further added, “with increased recognition of the importance of mental health across the world, and the tremendous impact Covid-19 had on mental well-being, it is fitting that we, as one of the largest employers in the country, take this important step today.”


  1. Fathimath Laura at 2:04 pm

    BML should commit to improving its bullying culture. Initiatives such as this do not address the real trauma caused by managers who belittle their workers.