Expenses slow down while revenue shows moderate increment


Minister of Finance Ibrahim Ameer

As per the latest updates from Ministry of Finance, the state expenditure as of 30 September reached MVR21,815.9 million (MVR21.8 billion) which shows no significant increment from the previous review week.

Meanwhile, the cumulative total of state revenue by the review period has significantly increased to MVR14,768.0 million (MVR14.8 billion) from little over MVR12 billion in the previous week.

The overall balance for the review week decreased to MVR7,137.9 million (MVR7.1 billion) which had earlier increased to MVR7.9 billion; during the previous week.

Moreover, cumulative total of tax revenues reached MVR10,704.6 million (MVR10.7 billion) while cumulative total of non-tax revenues have hit MVR3,486.6 million (MVR3.5 billion).

Recurrent expenditure reached a cumulative total of MVR16,751.2 million (MVR16.8 billion) whereas the capital expenditure has hit MVR5,064.7 million (MVR5.1 billion).