MTCC launches ‘Hinithunvumaa Eku’ campaign

Photo: MTCC

Coinciding with the commemoration of ‘World Customer Service’ week which ran from 04 to 08 October, MTCC launches ‘Hinithunvumaa Eku’ campaign.

The campaign initiated by Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC) focuses increasing awareness on the importance of satisfactory customer service; shared among the company staff.

Furthermore, the campaign will highlight on improving the customer experience at MTCC and strengthen the relation between the company’s employees and customers.

The ceremony held at MTCC headquarters was officially inaugurated by the company’s COO Mr. Shahid Hussain Moosa who spoke about the company’s projects across the country.

In addition to this, he had stressed on the importance of customer satisfaction and requested cooperation from employees to ensure the campaign is successful.

Moreover, Dr. Hussain Sunny Umar and Mr. Mohamed Yamaany, representing the Corporate Training Institute attended the ceremony and spoke about the importance of ensuring customer satisfaction.

Meanwhile, the campaign will run from 10 until 28 October with a series of special activities focused on MTCC employees.