Combined bed capacity of Maldives tourism industry increase to 55,921

Photo: Kandima Maldives

According to the latest updates from Ministry of Tourism, the combined operational bed capacity of the Maldives tourism industry has increased to 55,921.

Furthermore, this increment in the operational bed capacity in the industry is reflective from the increment in the operational tourist properties to 166.

The ministry reports that with the increase of operational resorts to 166, the total number of tourist properties currently at operational capacity has reached 1,107 which includes hotels, guesthouses along with safaris and liveaboards along with resorts.

Moreover, statistics confirm that the total number of operational guesthouses and hotels in the Maldives have reached 782 while the number of operational safaris and liveaboards hit 159.

Meanwhile, the combined bed capacity of tourist resorts exclusively is currently at 38,849 while the bed capacity of guesthouses and hotels collectively reached 14,110.

On the other hand, safaris and liveaboards contribute to 2,962 operational beds in the industry.