Tourist arrivals to Maldives reach over 923K so far in 2021

TGST collection saw improvement in light of modest increment in tourism field in comparison with 2020

Maldives attracts a total of 923,146 tourists so far in 2021 according to the latest updates from Ministry of Tourism.

The total tourist arrivals from 01 to 13 October has reached 52,284 which is a 585.8% increment from the corresponding period in 2020. In 2020, the total tourist arrivals during the same period reached just 7,624.

However, tourist arrivals during the review period is still 11.0% lower when compared with the same period in 2019, where the total stood at 58,738.

Meanwhile, India maintains top source market to the Maldives with an arrival total of 211,062 so far which is 23.0% of the total arrivals to the country.

Russia remains in second spot with an arrival total of 177,321 which is 19.3% of the total tourist arrivals to the country so far.

Other major source markets to the country include Germany (60,463 arrivals – 6.6%), USA (37,463 arrivals – 4.1%) and Saudi Arabia (31,433 arrivals – 3.4%).