STO set to introduce KONE touchless signalization for elevators


State Trading Organization (STO) confirms setting on the introduction of the new KONE’s touchless signalization feature in the Maldives.

The state-owned enterprise, which is the authorized distributor of KONE products in the Maldives said that the touchless signalization for elevators will reduce contact between people; thus reducing chances of infectious disease transmissions.

According to STO in their statement, elevator buttons are one of the most “populous breeding grounds for bacteria and distribution” because of such venues being high traffic areas with higher contamination rates.

KONE has introduced the KDS 330 touchless signalization option in a move to reduce disease contamination, by removing the need for direct contact with elevator buttons.

The KDS 330 allows customers with “excellent usability” while it is highly flexible due to its modular design.

Furthermore, the touchless COP comes with two options one in which users can hover their fingers a centimeter above the direction buttons (arrow buttons) and the other in which users can use their foot for the navigational buttons.

KONE is a leading brand in the field of elevators and escalators services and solutions, with numerous Red Dot Design accolades in recent years.

Moreover, the brand is also home to several other innovative products that reduce disease contamination such as their KONE AirPurifier and Handrail Sanitizers for escalators.