State expenditure hit MVR26.3bn, revenue reaches MVR16.3bn

Minister of Finance Ibrahim Ameer

Ministry of Finance confirms that the cumulative total of state expenditure as of 11 November reached MVR26,251.4 million (MVR26.3 billion).

Moreover, the cumulative total of state revenues inclusive of grants have reached a total of MVR16,282.4 million (MVR16.3 billion).

The overall balance for the period is a deficit of MVR9,969.0 million (MVR9.96 billion), which itself has observed stretching further compared to the previous review week where it stood at MVR9.7 billion.

Furthermore, the cumulative total of tax revenues has reached MVR11,872.2 million (MVR11.9 billion) while the cumulative total of non tax revenues reached MVR3,886.9 million (MVR3.9 billion).

Meanwhile, the cumulative total of recurrent expenditure hit MVR19,437.4 million (MVR19.4 billion). On the other hand the cumulative total of capital expenditure reached MVR6,814.0 million (MVR6.8 billion).