Tourist arrivals to Maldives in November observe 1.2% bump compared to 2019

The latest updates from Ministry of Tourism attest the tourist arrivals to Maldives observe 1.2% growth so far in November when compared with 2019.

Furthermore, the statistics from the government ministry claim the total number of tourist arrivals from 01 to 17 November has reached 79,177 while the total tourist arrivals during the same period in 2019 stood at 78,224 – thus indicating the modest growth.

Moreover, total tourist arrivals in the review period observe a considerable growth of 345.0% in comparison with the corresponding period in 2020 during which the arrival total stood at just 17,794.

Meanwhile, the total number of tourist arrivals to Maldives as of 17 November from the beginning of the year has reached 1,092,105; indicating an excess of the tourist arrival target set by the government for 2021.

India maintains top source market position with an arrival total of 244,928 (22.4%) while Russia is at second spot with an arrival total of 198,775 (18.2%). Germany ranked third with an arrival total of 78,237 (7.2%), USA with an arrival total of 44,916 (4.1%) is at fourth spot while UK with an arrival count of 39,050 (3.6%) replaced Saudi Arabia in fifth spot.