First acquired vessel of MSS makes maiden call at Male’ port


Photo: STO

The first acquired cargo vessel of Maldives State Shipping (MSS) made its maiden call at Male’, berthing at Maldives Ports Limited.

Moreover, the cargo vessel under MSS berthed at the Maldives capital on Tuesday afternoon, 23 November.

Maldives State Shipping is the shipping wing subsidiary under State Trading Organization (STO), the largest state-owned enterprise in the country.

Dubbed, MSS Galena the cargo vessel arrived in Maldives with a full shipment. Reportedly, the vessel can transport approximately 400 full containers and 600 empty containers.

Earlier, the ship traveled to Sri Lanka, berthing at the country’s dockyard for rebranding purposes.

Meanwhile, MSS reports that the Galena will be commandeered by a crew consisting 99% locals.