Seaside Finolhu announces fun-filled festive season activities


Seaside Finolhu has announced an exciting line-up of fun-filled activities for the festive season.

Moreover, the resort has confirmed the festive season activities will commence on 21 December while the hotel added that the activities welcome all visitors of all age groups including couples, families and friend groups.

The younger guests will have specifically targeted activities such as Kids and Teens Fashion Show along with cooking, baking and art classes.

Furthermore, other main activities amid the festive season celebrations include a cocktail party, night feast and special festive lunches.

In addition to this, other indulgences include a festive caviar night with a line-up of champagnes and drinks as well as a New Year’s Eve Dinner scheduled for 31 December that will be complemented with tribal fire dance and traditional Maldivian Boduberu performances.