Maldives tourist arrival total exceed 1.1mn by late-November

The latest update from Ministry of Tourism confirms tourist arrivals to Maldives has exceeded 1.1 million as of 24 November 2021.

Furthermore, statistics confirm that the total tourist arrivals to the island nation by 24 November reached 1,126,539 – already exceeding the government projected target tourist arrival figure for 2021.

Moreover, tourist arrivals to Maldives from 01 to 24 November stood at 113,611 which is a 334.1% growth when compared to the same period in 2020, where it stood at just 26,173.

On the other hand, the tourist arrival total during the review period also indicates a 2.9% growth in comparison with the corresponding period in 2019 where it stood at 110,415.

As for tourist source markets, India is the strongest source market with 252,551 arrivals so far (22.4%), Russia is at second spot with 202,277 arrivals (18.0%) while Germany is at third spot with 81,223 (7.2%).

Meanwhile, USA is at fourth spot with 47,312 (4.2%) while UK is at fifth spot with 42,640 arrivals (3.8%).